Sweet tables are quickly becoming the new must-have wedding feature.

Although we love providing towering and thought-provoking wedding cakes that also serve as a beautiful centerpiece, the original look of a table of sweets has become the thing to do for both weddings and celebrations.

Sweet tables can have a broader appeal as they give your guests more options, with the added benefit of a more extravagant look. Add to the theme of your wedding with items like French macarons, candy, popcorn and juice bars in your wedding colors. Miniature cheesecakes, pies, cakes, cupcakes, cake pops and smaller wedding cakes round out the table.

Gourmet donuts in flavours like dark chocolate ganache, maple double smoked bacon and salted popcorn will make even the strictest dieter smile. Show your adventurous side with unique desserts like mousse shooters—really, the sky is the limit! Sweet tables are eclipsing the slowly fading cupcake tables and breathing new life into many receptions.

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Internet-inspired gâteaux are fine for some, but we love it when our clients allow us to custom design their wedding cake to fit them: their colors, their flowers and their story – how they met, fell in love, and got engaged. Our job becomes a lot more fun when we can come up with something new.

By having a cake custom designed to fit your wedding, you are guaranteed to not have the same wedding cake as your friend who got married last month. Everything about your wedding should be uniquely you. You wouldn’t walk down the aisle in the same dress your fiancé’s ex wore two months ago, so why take chances with your cake?

The cake is one of the most memorable components of your wedding, so make sure it fits the theme and flow of the event. There is nothing worse than  a wedding full of bright colors with a pale, uninspired cake sitting sadly on the table, looking like it was delivered to the wrong wedding!

The most important thing to consider in the search for your wedding cake is to pick the right designer. And remember, you get what you pay for.

Dessert is the last course of the meal, and it’s the course your guests will remember the most clearly. How many times have you found yourself chewing stick after stick of gum on the way home from a wedding just to get the taste of the dry, boring vanilla cake out of your mouth? If you pick the least expensive cake designer you can find, your wedding too may literally leave a bad taste in your guests’ mouths.

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A great cake designer is most concerned with how the cake tastes; the appearance is literally and figuratively the icing on the cake. So make sure your cake designer is approved by public health and uses a certified commercial kitchen. They should make everything from scratch; why pay top dollar for a Duncan Hines cake mix you could make yourself for a lot less money?

When sitting down for a consultation with your cake designer, bring as much information about your wedding as you can, and see what ideas the designer comes up with. This initial consultation will help you decide if the designer fits your style, and if they are worth what they charge. Still, the simplest cakes can sometimes be the most expensive because they have no ornamentation to help hide any imperfections.

A cake designer will help you create a unique work of art that’s both unique and delicious. But don’t worry – all the time spent Pinning wedding cakes hasn’t been wasted. Bring your favourite photos from your wedding cake pin board and your designer may be able to incorporate your favourite elements into her own unique design. Happy tasting!