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TYLER: It was saturday night, june 10th 2012. I got invited to a birthday party at a pub. We were introduced by a friend and clicked ever since. I later found out that night was also her ex-boyfriends birthday party.  They were having a joint party.


MEGAN: We met at a mutual friends birthday party at a local pub. We were introduced and within minutes had a strong attraction to each other. I just knew I had to have Tyler.



TYLER: Our first actual date was when i invited megan over for dinner at my place. I was so nervous. When she showed up she looked so beautiful. I had a table for two set up in the backyard, with candles and champagne. We had an amazing meal, steak, prawns, stuffed mushrooms, stuffed potatoes and garlic bread. It was a pretty classy first date.


 MEGAN: Officially I would say our “first date” was the night when Tyler invited me over and surprised with a romantic steak dinner ‘my fav’. He had a table all set up outside with candles and champagne!

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TYLER: Our first kiss isn’t the best of stories.  It happened the same night we met. Megan lunged at me uncontrollably for a kiss and she got it.


MEGAN: Technically we kissed the first night we met, but my “favorite first kiss” was when Tyler had taken me to his friends’ house. This was the second time we hung out for a bon fire. He had remembered me saying how I’d love to be kissed passionately in the rain. Well that night it started raining and out of nowhere Tyler grabbed me and planted the most amazing kiss on my lips in the rain. It was like fireworks going off!

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TYLER: We were at a bonfire and it started raining outside and I remembered Megan saying she wanted to be kissed in the rain. We walked away from the fire and everyone else to talk and then I laid one on her. She wasn’t expecting it!  After all the romance outside we were walking up the stairs to get dried off and she turned around and said I love you.


MEGAN: We were sitting having a good heart to heart and I remember Tyler kept asking me what was wrong because he could tell I was holding something back. It was like word vomit ready to come out of my mouth and I couldn’t hold it in anymore. He of course got excited when I said it and said it in return. He had wanted to say it too.

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TYLER: I knew right when I saw Megan she was the one. She made my heart skip a beat with her beauty and great personality. We haven’t spend a day apart.


MEGAN: I pretty much knew within the first few months of dating that tyler was the one. From the moment we met we just couldn’t be apart. Every time I was with him or thought about him I got this crazy amazing feeling inside that i had never felt before and knew it meant something special. People thought we were crazy for moving so fast with our relationship but we couldn’t help it. It was like a magnetic pull. Tyler is everything I could have ever imagined in a guy and I feel so blessed that I get to spend the rest of my life with him.

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TYLER: On the niight I couldn’t wait any longer. I had the ring at home hidden away, and it was driving me crazy. It was a spur of the moment plan. I quickly got the ring and ran outside to put it in the bbq. I asked Megan if we could get dinner ready and if she could go start the BBQ. I followed her up the stairs and outside. As she lifted the lid I got on one knee. She saw the ring and turned around as I was kneeling. That’s the first time I have ever heard Megan speechless.


MEGAN: I was not expecting it at all. It was a sunday evening and I had just gotten home from holidays so was busy unpacking and doing laundry. Tyler came in and started helping me fold laundry which should have been my first clue. He than asked me to start the BBQ for him and he’d be right out with dinner. I complained and said I was busy but he hounded me until I did it. When I went to open the lid to the BBQ there sat the most stunning sparkling ring I have even seen. I was in shock and turned to find Tyler down on one knee asking me to marry him. For the first time in my life I was speechless and instantly started hugging him and kissing him and whispered Yes! It was the best moment of my life!

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