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Chad :: The year I moved to Kelowna a friend of mine was out here looking at places with me. He had met a girl and ending up staying in contact with her. Once I was settled in he ended up moving here as well and one night was going to meet said girl. She wanted to bring her roommate with her so being the good friend that I am, I came along as the equalizer.

We met the girls at a little gem known as 97th St pub. When the girls walked in my friend pointed them out and said “Oh darn, I messed up! Apparently you’re getting the hot one!” Much to my delight he was right. She was the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen and I just knew I’d have to kick my magical moves into high gear to sweep her off her feet. So for what I lacked in charm, I made up with by feeding her multiple apple pie shots.

Oh I almost forgot, I also had on my best bedazzled hoodie which must have sealed the deal because I know she just loves that hoodie.

Sabrina :: My roommate at the time was dating Chads best buddy, & invited us along as their 3rd & 4th wheel. It was a random Tuesday evening, and decided a night of fun was in order. I remember very clearly, Chad was dressed to impress in a hoodie covered in crystals but apparently I was able to look past all the glitter and we instantly hit it off and ended up dancing the night away.

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Chad :: The first date would have to be at Summerhill Winery. Sabrina thought I needed to take in some of the culture of the Okanagan. Not being from the area and not wanting to fully reveal my full blown hillbilly ways, I thought I’d humour her and play along. So off we went for my first wine tasting and much to my surprise I actually had a lot of fun!

Sabrina :: Chad, being from Alberta, had never been to a winery. So our first official date was tasting wine at Summerhill Pyramid Winery. We capped the night off at his place with a homemade tapas platter & an episode of the Bachelor, which is obviously his favourite show now.


Chad :: The first kiss may have been compliments of the apple pie shots, but I like to think she was just swept up with my beauty and lost in my eyes long enough for me to swoop in for a kiss.

Sabrina :: I’ve always said we’re the exception not the rule. Chad and I actually ended up kissing within hours of first meeting, shameful I know, but we had a pretty instant connection. And no, it wasn’t just the apple pie shots. 

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Chad :: The first I love you was shared over a romantic diner date at midnight. We ordered a couple slices of pizza and fed them to each other like Lady and the Tramp. As pizza often fills me with a wave of emotion I just couldn’t hold in my thoughts of saying I love you. So as one does I leaned over and said those three magical words “pepperoni or Hawaiian”

Sabrina :: We were enjoying an evening with friends and ended up at a local pizza place for a late night snack. I was mid bite when Chad announced he was in love with me. It was funny, I remember my reaction was stunned as it had caught me completely off guard.

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Chad :: There are so many things that show me that she is the one it would be hard to put them all down in print. She is one of the most loving people I have ever met. Any one who has met her can see how much she lights up the room. She is always there in my time of need and I can feel the love that she has for me whenever we are together.

I have really found happiness with her and can’t wait to grow old with my true love.

Sabrina :: There isn’t a single event that made me realize Chad was ‘The One.’ I think you know you’ve found The One when you finally see all the qualities you’ve wanted in a partner and it just feels right. He’s the most compassionate, caring and loving person I’ve ever met in my life. He is truly a rare breed and I can’t believe I get to spend forever with him.

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Chad :: The proposal was probably one of the most stressful times I have gone through. I had this master plan to do it over the Xmas holiday with her friends and family but the ring I had made was delayed and I couldn’t get it in time. The worst part for me was my ring maker had gone radio silent so I didn’t even know where the ring was hence the stress part. Fortunately after about ten thousand phone calls the ring maker was found, and plans where in motion once again but it was like planes, trains, and automobiles to get the ring delivered.

So once I finally had the ring in hand I was excited but now realized I had no real plan.  As it was a week late all the holiday events had come and gone. I played with the idea of running out to meet Sabrina and her girlfriends at the night club they were at. I could go with the super classy proposal on the night club dance floor but I  knew she deserved something more romantic so I just stayed in home and stared at the ring trying to figure out a new plan of action.

So as my beautiful “fiancé to be” lay beside me the next morning, I played our song on repeat about a hundred times.  I just pulled the ring out and waited until she rolled over and it was in her line of site. I figured it would be a great way to start the day, I think I was right.

Sabrina :: It was December 29, 2013. Chad & I were cuddled up in bed. I was in a deep coma as it was the holiday season and I was out with a group of girlfriends the night before. He started playing the John Legend song, ‘All of Me’ over and over again. I was wondering why he was even playing the song as he had rolled his eyes and told me just the week before “what a cheese ball song” it was when I said it was our perfect song. I finally decided to open my eyes. He held this beautiful ring in front of me and with a few sweet words he asked me to spend forever with him. Best Day Ever.