RYAN :: It was in late January- early February in 2006 and I had just found out my junior hockey season was over as I broke my hand. I moved home and was spending lots of time watching hockey in Osoyoos and hanging out with my friend Tory. He and I had been goofing off, making fun of each other, when this girl I had never met before interjected with some pretty heavy weighted one liners of her own. At first I was “shocked” but secretly loved it as I had never heard one of the girls go toe to toe with any of us before. Oddly enough we spent the whole night making fun of each other, but lots of laughs were shared amongst us. The rest of the evening saw us “stealing” another friends truck, making a pit stop at Logan’s house which lead to me meeting her family, and I took that opportunity to leave my phone number with Mrs. Coutu to come back and play the Mexican Train dominoes game when ever she felt like calling me back. Funny enough, that number found its way to Logan and we ending up spending all of the time we could find together from then on.

LOGAN :: Ryan and I met when we were 17, we met at a hockey game. Ryan was supposed to be playing in the game but he had hurt his hand and was sitting a few bleachers in front of me talking to one of our mutual friends. I had never met Ryan before as he lived in another small town 20 minutes away and our paths had never crossed. For some reason I just had to talk to him. After the game all my friends and Ryan came back to my house to hangout and my mother for some reason thought it was game night and invited everyone to play a board game. Ryan being the kind guy that he was gave my mom his phone number so that he could come over and play a game another time. 

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RYAN :: Our first date was shared with our friends who also happened to be dating at the time. Sarah & Logan made their way down to see Dave & I, and we took in a romantic comedy, Final Destination! I can’t say either of us cared much for the movie, but the Oliver theatre was the perfect setting for our first outing followed  by classic much music video countdowns afterwards.

LOGAN :: Our first date was at the Oliver theater we went to see Final Destination 3 and ate pop corn and skittles.


RYAN :: First kiss was practically beaten out of me! Just kidding, but it did happen to the sweet sounds of Chris Brown’s hit single “Yo”. We were at a complete standoff for a lengthy period of time when the beat dropped and Logan literally said, “wow this is so Yo!”. And I basically thought to myself “I’m out of time, She’s out the door I got to go for mine” and so I said “yo!”. And then doves appeared, fireworks exploded and bells rang or something like that. It its quirky little way, just like the two of us, it was perfect and it just simply made sense.

LOGAN :: Our first kiss was on the same night Ryan asked me to be his girlfriend, it was March 17th Saint Patricks day. I had to ask him if he was going to kiss me because he was a tad shy and too sweet!

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RYAN :: I had been hanging out with friends for most of the night while Logan was slaving away at McDonalds. When she finally got off work, I picked her to bring her back to hang out with us, full styled in her black dress pants and solid blue McDonalds standard issue uniform! I am not sure if it was the fact that she smelled like a Big Mac or the over sized clothes, but something just kept drawing me to her! She quickly decided that it would probably be best if we called it a night so I took her home for the evening and we visited an undeveloped section of real estate above the golf course in Osoyoos. Trip by Hedley was rocking in the background (I know its hard to believe that yet another song tied in), but Jacob Hoggard dropped his classic “I’ve fallen for you” line which I then added to and stated that I have continued to fall and loved her. Luckily for me, the feelings were mutual and things continued to develop each day there after.

LOGAN :: I knew when Ryan said “I love you” that he meant it, he had picked me up from my wonderful high school job at McDonalds. I smelled like big macs and french fries and was wearing my super cute uniform pleated pants and golf shirt. We stopped on the way home to chat and catch up on the day star gaze and hangout and he simply just leaned over and told me he loved me. 

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RYAN :: I knew she was the one when I decided that I didn’t have to spend my time with her, but I wanted to. She stopped being that high school girl I was attached to, and became my best friend. She has instilled adventure & excitement into my life and never ceases to make me laugh. I can’t say there has been just one moment, but a series of them over the course of our relationship. We just always seem to have fun together and I look forward to spending every day with her!

LOGAN :: I knew Ryan was the one when I graduated and headed off to Brasil for a year away on a Rotary Youth Exchange program. The day I had to say goodbye to Ryan was so hard and so sad. We cried and sat on my bed until my mom pulled us apart and put me in the car to head to the airport in Vancouver. I knew then that he would always be in my life and one day I would marry him. 

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RYAN :: I had secretly purchased a ring from Phoenix that she had personally picked out and dreamed of having and had it in my possession for sometime before proposing. It became a fun sort of game for my family as Logan would regularly tie into me about “the next step” and would comment on proposal videos quite regularly and my family had great fun in joking with her about it. When I decided it was time, I wanted to make sure I first had her fathers blessing so I made a point of having that extremely easy conversation the day of the proposal over breakfast. Oddly enough, this was the only stress/anxiety/nervousness that I felt all day, as I felt that Logan was going to say Yes based on our relationship, but her Dad could very well turn me down! After making 2 trips to get coffee and 1 to get water within a 15 minute time span (and 3 full glasses sitting n front of me) I finally had talk and was re-leaved to find out I would be a suitable match for his daughter.

With the hard part out of the way, I took Logan up to Penticton for a quick lunch followed by what was supposed to be an afternoon of wine tasting. This quickly turned into one winery stop at Pink Elephant in Naramata where I purchased champagne for the celebration that was to follow (hopefully). We then stopped off at the Japanese gardens where we had spent lots of time throughout the early years of our relationship and reflected on Prom and other events that we had celebrated together. I pointed off to a boat in the distance to distract her while I pulled her ring out of my camera case and got down on one knee in the comforts of crushed rock and shale. I then asked, 3 times, as the I could not make out the answer through her sobbing but on the final response I heard the answer I was hoping for! We then spent the rest of the day announcing our news, surprising those that didn’t know and celebrating with family all together. As they say, the rest is history!

LOGAN :: The Proposal was everything I had dreamed of, Ryan and I lived in Osoyoos for a few summers and we loved having our Thursdays off together. Every Thursday we would go on some kind of awesome adventure. The Thursday of our engagement Ryan and I planned to go wine tasting and explore Naramata and Ryan had planned for us to go to the Penticton Japanese Garden (where we had one of our first dates when we got our drivers licences)  We had planned to go to 4 different wineries but only made it to 1 as Ryan was super eager to get to the Japanese Garden, but i first made him take me to a few of my favorite shops and to eat a desert waffle and then We stopped and got Starbucks,  Ryan was acting a little off, but we headed to the gardens when we got out of the car Ryan grabbed his 2 drinks his camera around his neck his camera case and I remember looking at him and being like “dude were only going be here for a little bit what are you doing?” But he just brushed it off and continued into the gardens. As we sat admiring the amazing view Ryan started to reminisce about the past 7 years of our relationship the great times we had, and he got down on his knee and pulled out the ring. I was completely shocked and cried and well I didn’t say anything just hugged him and kissed him and he said “I guess that’s a yes?” . Of course it was a YES he was my dream guy and to be able to spend my life with Ryan my best friend was simply a dream come true.

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