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JOHN :: I met Keri through a good friend and roommate of hers. I had recently moved back to Calgary and was invited over to her place for movie night. We had thought it was random chance but turns out her roommate had been played matchmaker. Despite the fact that Keri was busy writing a scholarship application, we chatted most of the night and hit it off great. Soon I was over at her place all the time for dinners and movie nights. 

KERI :: John and I met in University, he was just starting his degree and I was ending mine. I was living with a bunch of my girlfriends and one night this handsome guy (John) walks into our basement, newly returned to Calgary after a year away. I remember he was wearing this cool suede coat and I was frazzled because I was wearing my usual uniform of a plaid shirt and slouchy toque. I tried my best to ignore him as I finished off a scholarship application but he seemed so genuine and funny that I couldn’t help being drawn into conversation with him. Soon he was a regular fixture in our house and my life.

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JOHN :: I would say our first date was a Calgary stampeders game in the fall, nothing more romantic then sitting on metal stadium seats in November. We had met a couple of times at her house on various movie nights and parties, so I decided to muster up the courage to get her number from Ashley (Keri’s roommate) and see if she would wanted to come to a stampeders game. Well to make a long story short, one big warm blanket a couple of hot chocolates and a great fall CFL game and the rest is history.

KERI :: Before we started dating, John and I were friends for a few months so there is a bit of contention about which date was really the ‘first.’ I like to tell people that it was a trip to Value Village to buy him a costume, but really I think it was when he invited me to a CFL football game. It was winter, and there was snow on the ground, so John brought mounds of blankets. This was necessary, because in my usual fashion, I was extremely under dressed. He wrapped me up tight, bought me a few hot chocolates and in the end I was probably the warmest person in the stadium.

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JOHN :: Our first kiss was at a Halloween party at Keri’s house. I was a hunter turned zombie (Keri has a love of all things zombie) and she went as a leprechaun. It was a great evening with all our friends and despite getting in a food fight with the candy apples, which Keri had made earlier in the day I ended up getting a kiss goodnight. 

KERI :: Our first kiss happened on Halloween 5 years ago. I was dressed as a leprechaun and John was a hunter-turned-zombie. My roommates and I were hosting our usual Halloween party and sometime during the night John and a few other people decided to get into a very messy candy apple fight. There was caramel all over the walls and an apple stuck to the ceiling. I guess I should have been unimpressed, but all I remember was it being hilarious. John of course stayed for hours to help clean up and was rewarded for his efforts by a Halloween kiss. 

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JOHN :: The first “I love you” was from Keri sometime around New Years. We were at my parent’s cabin with some friends, and after a whirlwind of a trip getting there we had a fantastic New Years together. Nothing like a horrible snowstorm and ice fishing to bring a budding couple together.

KERI :: Five years ago at Christmas there was a huge blizzard that grounded all the flights departing from my hometown back to Calgary. John and I had been dating for a few months and had made plans to spend New Years ice fishing at his parents cabin. With no way to fly home, my father decided to drive through the blizzard to deliver me back to Alberta. He also decided however that my new boyfriend would also drive through the blizzard to meet us half way.  John was of course up to the challenge and after a very slow and snowy five-hour drive John and my parents met for the first time. When we finally made it to the cabin the next day and collapsed exhausted after our adventure I turned to John and told him how much I loved him.

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JOHN :: I can truly say I knew after that first night watching movies with some friends that she was “the one”.  I had always been a bit of a shy guy but I new I needed to step up and not miss out someone truly special. Ever since that night Iknew that we are meant to grow old and crotchety together.   

KERI :: I started to fall in love with John during his recovery from jaw surgery. We started dating when his jaw was still wired shut and all he could eat was blended pizza and smoothies.  Most people, including me, would not be very pleasant after months of pain and blended foods but John was so funny and resilient and I thought to myself, any man who is this amazing without being able to talk or chew is the guy I want walking beside me through life.

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JOHN :: The proposal took place at a stop along the i-90 in Washington state outside of Omak at the wild horse monument. The large bronze horses are shown running across the valley top overlooking the columbia river. We were driving down to Pendleton, Oregon for our annual trip to the Pendleton round-up, and decided to take a detour to see the monument. The monument is about half way and Keri had mentioned that she had always wanted to go since she and her parents always stopped there when she was a child. After an illegal u-turn with a vintage trailer in tow across the i-90 we took a precarious hike up to the statues in 45°c weather. I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me. Neither one of us remembers what I said but I’m sure it was something romantic. All that matters was that she said yes. 

KERI :: Every September John and I travel south from Calgary to attend a Rodeo in Pendleton Oregon and last September we decided to tow our vintage trailer “Trilby” down with us. On the road to Pendleton, along the Columbia River is a rest stop called the Wild Horses Monument where you can hike up the hill to a sculpture of 15 life-sized wild horses. As a girl when traveling to see my grandparents, my parents and I would always stop here, but we never hiked to the top of the hill.  I had told John about this place and my desire to finally complete the hike, so on his trip John decided to go out of our way and visit the horses. What he didn’t realize is that you cannot access the turn off to the trailhead going south on the highway so as we drove past we missed it. Well, John was on a mission, and took our SUV and trailer through the ditch to execute a very questionable u-turn. Once we arrived at the trailhead it was apparent that I was not dressed for a hike, but John insisted so together we slowly made our way up the trail. The view from the top was spectacular and once all the other hikers had left he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Neither of us can remember exactly what he said, and we were both shaking so hard on the hike down that I’m surprised neither of us died. Best proposal ever.