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Jordan :: We met at the movie theatre in chinook centre. My good friend’s girlfriend went to high school with keeley and invited her to come see “i am legend”, at the same time my friend invited me to come see the movie also. He told me about this cute girl who was coming to the movie, so i took dibs on sitting beside her (a few of my other friends came along). Throughout the movie i was very suave and made some very intentional elbow touches…next thing you know she was totally smitten and showed up at my church two days later to say hi. The rest is history.

Keeley :: Jordan and I met at a movie – I am Legend (not a very romantic movie)… I had recently broken up with my boyfriend and one of my good friends from high school invited me out to see a movie. Jordan heard a single short cute blonde was coming to the movie and he called dibs on sitting next to me! During the movie I was on my phone the whole time – yes, I was that person… and after the movie he asked about me to our mutual friend who gave him more details! Later that week I ended up going to a church where he played guitar – he saw me at the service and asked for my number!



Jordan :: I don’t know what would technically count as our first date, the first time we ever went to a public place together, through my invitation, was at Tiperarry’s on 16 Ave. A whole slew of my friends from Winnipeg were in town, so there was about 20 of us going for wings, being the romantic guy that I am I invited her to come along. She basically spent the whole night sitting in-between me and my best friend Bryan, listening to Bryan talk her ear off. But as the night was winding down, she offered to drive me home – even though I had my car – and we hung out talking and driving around the city until about 5am. Then seemingly almost every night after that we continued to see each other, just not at Tiperarry’s…we’ve never been back.

Keeley :: Our first official date was supposed to take place out for dinner and a movie, however I had to change plans last minute and the roads were terrible due to snow and ice. He ended up coming over to my moms and we stayed in and watched A Lot Like Love. I don’t think either of us really paid much attention to what was happening in the movie because we knew something big was happening with us. (so cheesy) 


Jordan :: Our first kiss happened on a couch, in her mom’s house, in the upstairs living room. We had arrived back at her house after a failed attempt to see a movie, me being the big planner I am didn’t bother to check what movies were playing, so by the time we got to the theatre, they were all done. So we watched “A Lot Like Love”, I told her to come sit nice and close to me, and after the movie was finished, she was about to get up, I held her back, pushed her hair behind her ear and kissed her like she’d never been kissed before.

Keeley :: Our first kiss happened on our first date – scandalous right? I could tell he was kind of nervous even holding my hand and when the A Lot Like Love ended I turned my head towards him and surprisingly he went right in for the kiss. No asking or hesitating – just what a girl wants! 



Jordan :: The first “I love you” was very memorable. We were lying in her bed, just talking for a few hours, then there was this moment where I looked into her eyes, and she looked into mine, and we both knew instantly that we loved each other, we didn’t say a word for a good five minutes, we were just looking at each other. It didn’t even have to be said. And it never really got said, I was too chicken…haha. Then after she turned away from me, a little annoyed that I didn’t say it, I told her I loved her, and she told me she loved me too.

Keeley :: We had been dating for about three months and were laying on my bed when we had this weird moment where we both said, “ I have something I want to tell you.” There was a lot of silence and it felt like we honestly stared at each other for a good half hour until finally he told me that what he wanted to tell me was that he loved me and he wanted to marry me one day. I obviously said it right back – the love part – not the marriage part!  


Jordan :: I knew Keeley was the one pretty much from the first night we spent together. When we drove around in the car talking till 5 in the morning, we got in front of my house, I looked through her iPod and saw that she listened to all the same music I listened to, it was then that I knew she was the one for me. Because how many 19 year old girls listened to Dashboard Confessional in 2007!? Looking back I realize probably just about all of them.

Keeley :: I knew Jordan was the one when he described the life he wanted to live with me, a life of excitement, passion, love and adventure. Jordan swept me off my feet and he never put me down. I knew he was the one when we travelled together and never got sick of one another and when I would call my mom or sisters and ask what they were doing and they would say, “ I am just out for lunch with Jordan.” Jordan instantly became a part of my family and I can say that all the little things from comforting me, stay up all night to edit my papers, praying for me and with me, tickling my back, making me laugh and always calling me his little bean were just some of the ways that made me certain I could spend forever with him. 



Jordan :: The proposal was pretty exciting. I created this elaborate plan where Keeley thought we were going to our favourite restaurant to celebrate the recent engagement of her sister, it was all planned to the last detail, we even had menus on the tables that said “Congratulations Brittany and Ted”. Little did Keeley know that everyone was there for her.

So after we sat down, ordered some champagne, I got up to “go to the bathroom”. As I left the table, I took a left into the back of the restaurant instead of a right to the bathroom. And when I got to the back of the restaurant I was so ecstatic to see all my friends and family from Winnipeg waiting for me. I hired two violin players, had my brother play acoustic guitar, and my good friend Alvin on a drum, we were going to come out of the back of the restaurant playing “Marry You” by Bruno Mars. So at the sound of the champagne glasses clinking (Keleey’s family was all in on it), the two violin players came out playing the intro to the song…then came me from the other side of the restaurant with my guitar on singing “It’s a beautiful night, I’m looking for something dumb to do, hey baby, I think I wanna marry you”.

The look on Keeley’s face was priceless, I made my way around the table singing the song with everyone joined in and clapping along, at this point the whole restaurant was on their feet watching, I sang the last line of the chorus replacing “Hey Baby” with “Hey Keeley, I think i wanna marry you”…took off my guitar, got down on one knee, told her “I love you more than anything in this world”, then asked her “will you marry me?” Luckily she said yes, the restaurant broke into applause and we all celebrated for the rest of the night with all of our families and closest friends around us. The whole event was recorded on video and uploaded to YouTube, which now has over 600,000 views!

Keeley :: Our proposal was beyond amazing. My whole family was in on it without my knowledge. Jordan coaxed my sister who had recently gotten engaged to plan an engagement dinner at our family’s favorite restaurant – Mercato. I thought nothing of the dinner, however Jordan was sweating a lot on the way down to the dinner and had to stop to change his shirt – which was the strangest behavior ever for him. Once we arrived everything was normal, even the menu’s said “Brittany’s Engagement Dinner.” About ten minutes after arriving, Jordan went to the bathroom and was gone for an abnormally long time… I was starting to think he was sick when all of a sudden two violin players came out and started playing Bruno Mars “ Marry You.” Next thing I knew Jordan, his brother and another guitar player came out as well as did all of my friends and family – some even flew in from out of town. Jordan sang the song then got down on one knee in front of everyone in the restaurant and asked me to marry him. Meanwhile our whole engagement was filmed and can be viewed on YouTube where it has 600,000 views!