When it comes to DIY wedding projects we love simple crafts and these confetti favours are extremely easy to make, uncomplicated, budget-friendly and fun! These are the perfect accessory for guests to pop during your walk down the aisle, or while busting a move on the dance floor. 


· Scissors

· Glue Stick

· Confetti (you can hand make if you’re feeling extra crafty, purchase foil paper, tissue paper and cardstock in various colors and hole punch and cut away)

· Ruler

· Mini Paper Bags (you can use glassine bags as well)

· Gold Cardstock

· Black Cardstock

· Stamp

· Gold Glitter


Jazz up the mini paper bags! Using your scissors cut the gold cardstock 1cm wide and 2.5 inches long, or if you’re using a different size bag just cut according to the bottom length of the bag, trace and cut to multiply and apply with glue to bottom of the bag.

*TIP- you can also use gold glitter washi tape or double sided tape and apply loose glitter!

Using your scissors now cut the black cardstock into flag pieces with the following dimensions, 4m height x 6cm width x 2.5cm flag and repeat by tracing the first one to make multiples as needed and set aside.


Take your glue stick and apply a thin layer to the rubber portion of the stamp and press in place on a black flag cut-out, dust with glitter and shake off excess glitter by tapping over a bowl.

Let the black flag pieces dry before applying with glue to the front of the mini paper bags.