Stylizing By : Yuriko, Vintage Origami

Photos By: Carly Barnett, Barnett Photography

Creating a beautiful wedding is like creating a piece of art. You want to have unity, balance, interest, excitement and rhythm. Choosing a theme and color palette makes the design of your event easier and ensures that you will end up with a cohesive and overall sense of beauty. Luckily, Yuriko from Vintage Origami shows us some of 2016 hottest wedding themes that will surely inspire you.


This design includes bright pops of vibrant colours such as pink, peach, orange with additions of freshness represented by mint, turquoise and green. This palette paired with whimsical items such as the pineapples and the patterned wood frame, hint towards picnics, holidays and sunset dinner parties with friends. You can’t help but smile when you see this bold and vivacious palette.

adore okanagan wedding and lifestyle magazine-Wedding Theme 1


This palette of varying blues, mercury glass silvers, grey speckled marble and shades of textured white accessories is soothing and representative of our Okanagan lake. The luxurious chiffon blue fabric flows beautiful and mimics the waves crashing upon the beachfront. The florals here are ruffly, romantic and classic in style.

adore okanagan wedding and lifestyle magazine-Wedding Theme 2


The unique patterns and richness of the Moroccan culture are influenced in this 2016 trend. There is a boldness and diversity here that represents a passion for travel and adventure. Use of rich jewel colours, mixed metallics, classic fall tones are prevalent. Textures are eclectic with coloured fur, Persian rugs and a variance of green foliage.

adore okanagan wedding and lifestyle magazine-Wedding Theme 3