By Amy Holland

A match made in heaven. The perfect pair. Hair styles and dresses go together just the same. Think of them like Romeo and Juliet, they complete each other. Hair will always be a girl’s best accessory.

Whether you opt for a strapless or a Queen Anne inspired gown, make a lasting impression by showcasing your own signature bridal style. Follow this guide to choose a hairstyle that will best complement your overall look.

HALTER NECKLINE :: This style of dress is really making a comeback this year. The halter neckline has a strap that wraps around the back   of the neck.

IDEAL HAIRSTYLE: It is important to keep the style swept higher on the head. For the natural bride, try a sleek smooth up-style. Or, for a slightly bolder look, add some texture in the form of an undone braid or full curls.

PLUNGING NECKLINE :: Plunging gowns are known to be sexier as the neckline sits lower on the chest showing some cleavage.

IDEAL HAIRSTYLE: Play up the cut of this dress by styling the hair to one side. A down style with soft waves would also be ideal. Both of these looks would complement the flow of this dress.

SWEETHEART NECKLINE :: Sweetheart necklines were given their name from their heart-like shape. These gowns are usually strapless and are also a timeless and popular choice.

IDEAL HAIRSTYLE: Show off your shoulders with a chic, knotted up-style or bring out your inner bohemian with a side swept braid, the choice is yours.

QUEEN ANNE NECKLINE :: The dramatic neckline of the Queen Anne gown has a high collar that goes around the neck, with a detached scoop, V-neck or sweetheart shape below.

IDEAL HAIRSTYLE: The best way to complement this detailed neckline is to choose a classic ballerina bun, or an up-do that is set high on the head. Create a wispy, feminine outline by adding soft hairs that spring out of the hairstyle.

ONE- SHOULDER AND OFF THE SHOULDER! :: The neckline on the one-shouldered wedding dress has a strap that goes across one shoulder, where the off the shoulder neckline often has sleeves that sit just below the shoulders. Think of Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

IDEA HAIRSTYLE: An asymmetrical hair style is the best for both styles of dresses. In order to create visual balance, be sure to style your hair on the opposite side of where your dress strap will sit. Choose from a low chignon, a wispy “undone” style, or even a long side swept fishtail braid.

BATEAU AND COWL NECKLINE :: Bateau and cowl necklines invoke thoughts of both simplicity and elegance. Both gown styles are beautiful as they highlight the bride’s neck and collarbones.

IDEAL HAIRSTYLE: A sophisticated and clean up-do is the best choice for these dresses. Try a classic chignon, a french twist or even a polished pony.

ILLUSION NECKLINE! :: This dress style a huge trend in bridal fashion right now. It is created by adding a second neckline with the use of a sheer panel of fabric (tulle or lace) that reaches up to the collar. The illusion dress breaks all of the ‘traditional dress” rules by mixing a revealing style with a conservative overlay. This allows for more variety in the hairstyle choice as it doesn’t have to follow the rules either.

IDEAL HAIRSTYLE: Anything goes with this style of dress. Casual up-dos, braids or even half up/ half down styles add to the allure of this neckline.

SCOOP, SQUARE AND V-NECK :: Scoop, Square and V-Neck were originally named after their simple and classic shapes. The scoop neckline drops to a soft “U” shape, the square neckline resembles the shape of a square and the V-neck dips to a shallow “V” shape.

IDEAL HAIRSTYLE: A gently textured up-do, set low or high, will most likely be the best look for these necklines. If you would like to wear your hair down, be sure it doesn’t hide too much of the décolletage. Think about a style that rests on the back versus a hairstyle that might fall to the front.

STRAPLESS NECKLINE! :: This is the perfect neckline for wearing your hair down or half up / half down. Like the sweetheart neckline, this gown will draw the eye to the shape of the dress and the softness of your shoulders.

IDEAL HAIRSTYLE: Get creative with your hairstyle and consider beach inspired waves in the hair. They add to a relaxed down style, or help to give an up-do a retro feel.

Whether you book in at a hair salon or with an on location stylist, insist on having a trial. A trial will allow you to develop a relationship with your hair stylist and test drive your style. We recommend that the trial be done a week or two in advance, just in case you would like to make some changes. Try to book the trial for the morning, and wear a neckline that is similar to your wedding dress. Do the things that you would do on your wedding day. Hug people, do some dancing, and wear the style well into the evening. This will give you an accurate representation of how the hair will hold up on the wedding day.

The hairstyle should always complement your gown but never fade into the background. By knowing what options are available to you ahead of time, you will surely find your dream gown paired with a magnificent hairstyle.